Where2© Position


What does profitable growth mean to you? How do you want to relate to your key stakeholders? How big? What is success?

A clear focus is critical to every firm. Using a proven methodology, we help our clients define what profitable growth means to them, and performing an assessment of their current position we can determine their differentiation in the market and develop the critical cornerstones of the business in line with the vision and mission on. Our methodology, Where2© Position to Find Profitable Growth, helps our clients to clearly define what  they want to be seen as by knowledgeable stakeholders in the future, how to support this vision with embraced core values and clear relationships with key stakeholders, and, critically, answer the question “why are we here?”.

We then help our clients define critical success factors or strategic cornerstones to deliver the vision. Importantly, we assist them to develop measurable targets against each success factor, to allow future monitoring of outcomes.

On a project by project basis, we work with our clients to determine Where2© Build the Foundations to give the plan the best chance of a successful implementation.